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Consumers love digital streaming and its percentage... Audioholics answers our questions about the importance of audio measurements and reveals which amplifiers, subwoofers and loudspeakers have measured best. This is the first reciever I have owned. in the AVR bass menu which usually ranges from -12 to +12 anything under 00 is fine(99.9% of the time). It just allows you to have a place to start where all speakers have the same output level (0 dB). I set both the L/R channels to +2.5 with set them to 75dB and the center to +1.0dB which set it to 77dB. I'm using an SPL meter to set my speaker levels and need a little help. db is a logarithmic scale. This is the first reciever I have owned. An SPL meter will tell you what you are actually getting using pink noise and if your receivers auto room setup has done the level calibration properly. Your email address will not be published. Macy's Day Parade. Keep in mind, however, that the relative loudness of your particular speakers and AV receiver … Galaxy Audio CM130 Sound Pressure Level Meter Reference level is not 105db, it is 75db with peaks of 115db. Why is the display in dB and why the lower negative get louder into the positive? I set the SPL meter to "slow" and "c weighted". Adjust the volume levels of each channel until they sound similar in volume. Perhaps the most difficult chore in getting the best sound out of a home theater system is getting your subwoofer properly integrated with your main speaker system. Hi All, I am new to the home theater scene and setting up a 7.1 system. The "level matching" post calibration set them at -11.5dB each, but my SPL meter was only reading 66dB with the pink noise and volume set to reference 0. Those peak levels correspond to "very loud" according to accepted subjective testing, but average levels for the two movies were considerably lower. Adjust the master volume of your Receiver/Preamp to a common listening level you are accustomed to (say 75dB). After running audyssey i adjusted the distances manually with a measuring tape and used a vlike vl6708 slp meter to adjust db levels at 0.0db max volume aiming for 75db reference level to each channel. We roundup 7 audiophile CD players for when it's time to upgrade. 105 db should be the loudest your receiver ever generates: it is for movies with explosions. That's more for volume control, not enhancement. A lot of this depends on the SPL meter. Thank you guys for your time and be safe. For movies the RLO at 0 is fine, but I move it around for music. Certain DVDs may call for different levels. I prefer to calibrate each speaker to 75 dB SPL—that’s pretty much a standard, and it’s plenty loud and gets you enough volume to exceed any ambient noise in the room. per your original question. The reason your receiver is marked in db rather than in a linear scale is because this corresponds much better to the way the human ear listens, i.e. In a preamp (or receiver) with db level output scale, the reading is how far away from its reference you are. My question is am I running my avr or channels hot with th results I've come up with, Front Left -5.5db Center -5.0db Front Right -5.0db Surround R -8.5db Surround L 8.5db Top Middle R -1.0db Top Middle L 1.0db Subwoofer -5.0db, all channels set to small at 80hz except atmos channels set to 120hz, Sub set to LFE 120hz, MultiEQ flat - dynamic EQ on - -reference level offset 0db - dynamic volume light. momentary exposure to peaks of 120db wont cause hearing loss, it is sustained levels that do. I only used it because I noticed I didn't have to turn the volume up that loud, Got you so should I rerun audyssey because I did not save my distance settings. Then, when you go through each speaker to set the level, the test tone will issue pink noise so that you can raise or lower the settings as needed. It's largely about final preference but as was said I find it (Audyssey, altho I've never had the base MultEQ version) generally fine for setting delays (distance). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Klipsch RF45 Towers, RC-45, RB-45 Surrounds | Dual SVS PB12-NSD, I went into "manual setup" for the speakers on my Denon X3300W and set the volume to "0" with pink noise running. With home theater gear the proper bass balance with an inexpensive SPL meter keeps the sub(s) at the same levels as the rest of the channels. That is a very informative PDF but it doesn't directly apply to consumer level equipment. Just a correction. Dynamic eq is an enhancement. I then use a UMIK-1 and the REW software SPL meter to measure each sub near field at 80db. That is, 0 dB doesn't correspond to a specific, standard output power level. Levels on surrounds sometimes I adjust depending on setup, some like to boost the center for dialog (I don't find any need for that....might also just check your center speaker's positioning as being a contributor). I set the SPL meter to "slow" and "c weighted". As an example : If 10 loudspeakers are playing at the same loudness instead of one we think that the loudness has doubled . The results are interesting: The THX promo clip measured 85 dB SPL, while average movie sound levels were between 70 dB and 78 dB–comfortable and not too loud. There are significant reasons why the human ear fubctions the way it does. Everything else you typed (speakers small, xover 80 and 120 hz) in the op looks pretty solid except dynamic volume. I read online that sustained levels at or above 90dB can cause hearing loss. I slowly increase volume at the AVR to reference volume and then adjust the physical sub trim if necessary. So I did that too, with the level matching, but I'm just wondering why the microphone on the Denon reads so much lower than my handheld SPL meter. When I did the original "auto calibration" it had me turn my gain knobs way down and ended up at -11.5dB post calibration.

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