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I think I could have sanded the pan flat with a few more 40 grit pads. I found all of this at home depot. Design and 3D Print Your Own Phone Case (in Fusion 360). They were not fun taking them off when the surface was spent, but they worked. There is a market for old cast iron. How to Strip Down Your Carbon Steel Pan for Re-Seasoning. you scratched off ?teflon? There is some truth to the rougher surface for seasoning. I then seasoned it with 4 layers (canola). Solution: sand it all off! Now, does it cook as nicely as it looks? When finished you will have a piece of cookware that you will love, and wonder why you ever spent the money on a new high cost cast iron pan.. If a manufacturer leaves a rough finish on the products, it is because they don’t care enough to make sure it is finished correctly before it leaves the factory. Solution: sand it all off! I consider myself part of that community. 2 years ago. Take your time, and get more 40 grit pads than you think you will need. And don't tell me that my vintage Griswold piece is smooth because it was used for years - the outside is as smooth as the inside and I don't think they cooked on the outside. Then I marked the other side. Here are some recipe ideas: Chinese Fried Pork Chops; 4-Ingredient Baby Bok Choy Stir Fry; You Tiao (Chinese Donuts) Salt and Pepper Shrimp; Chinese 4-Ingredient Fried Cabbage ; Always use more oil when you’re cooking with a new pan. The old stuff was ground smooth before it was sold. Reply Participated in the Trash to Treasure Contest 2017. While this level of grit did take the surface down even more, it wasn't nearly as effective as the 40 grit. Lodge skips this step, and it shows. This modern, pebbly stuff is sold unfinished, because manufacturers just can't be bothered to do the final step to turn out a good piece. I kind of disagree with you assertion that this is not for the mainstream cast-iron community. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The pan comes with a 25-year consumer warranty, ensuring that you’ll be able to use your cookware for years on end. I only had two pads and when I was done I could have doubled them and never reconsidered the choice. It is smooth and looks as if a large grinding wheel was placed on the inside. The minute differences in the surface will cause you problems as you season it and use it afterwards. The level of grit is going to get the most product off the surface. Wow, thanks to following links and leads in the video and comments, I've found there ARE a number of new manufacturers making cast iron the way it used to be - that is, machined or polished SMOOTH (and often thinner-walled and lighter, too.) By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Cast iron should not be shiny, the seasoning on cast iron should be even and relatively thick; just seasoning it 3 times doesn't put the same level on seasoning on it that you took off. Notably, this carbon steel pan is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup making it a great piece of cookware for busy cooks. But until I can spring for a $150 pan, I'm sure glad I found this Instructable to fix up my bumpy Lodge pan! All that pebble texture is the casting marks. This bit about iron "needing to be rough for the seasoning to stick" is pure marketing B.S. I had little areas of my carbon steel seasoning flake off and am slowly re seasoning but worry those parts will continue to flake now that the seasoning is uneven. and made room for some other cast iron to enjoy the final oven seasoning process. Not attached with rivets? Note: You will get someone in your social circles that will say you have just ruined the skillet, and in every practical way you have changed the way it was designed to cook. I have never seen someone sand their cast iron before. The first season was more about corrosion protection then anything else. The 80 grid does remove metal, and it will change edges and details if you touch them with it. Not bad and comparable to what you can buy today from Lodge at Costco. 9 months ago. Don't worry, while you couldn't offend me, you need to read this: 6 is for you. Most of the surface issues will come out faster with a 40 grit pad than if you jump to 80 grit. Is it standard practice to sand your cast iron frying pan? link to Hacked Top Secret Recipes. The mounting bracket is found in my video at 1:51. The black mucus I was blowing out of my nose never seemed to stop. Yeah, cast iron usually has the handle made as part of the pan, doesn't it? If you had a pan that was worth $120, it would be the vintage kind that's already smooth, and you wouldn't need to sand it! That doesn't look like a cast iron pan to me. Otherwise it's, 'well its better than nothing to do it this way'. UPDATE: After reading a few articles on seasoning, I think I know why my pan isn't going black. The silver color can now reflect light and the groves left by the grit is starting to make the skillets pop. I bought a set of 5, a 10-1/4 skillet, an 8" skillet, a 10-1/4" griddle, and a 5 qt Dutch Oven, by Chard, for less than $30. I was so surprised of how well it fried.right now i think the smoothness is the main factor for easy cooking. Since you have a sander, see if you sand it to a smooth finish and get rid of those swirls. By the time I was finished with 220, I was in full grin. Or am I crazy? Hence, we the consumers have to finish the job, as outlined in this instructable. At this point I am not sure if going further will help or hurt the seasoning process. This is an easy project if you enjoy sanding, and oiling your work. I guess my concern is sanding a pan that is worth $120 or more is not something I would want to do first try. I encourage you to read this instructable, however watching what I did will be much more effective, than perhaps the available pictures that I have. put out by Lodge when people complained about their pebbly surface. If you're cooking, the old smooth as glass cast iron is the way to go. The griddle was problematic in that the grills were not a lot of surface area but they chewed the pads up quickly. Sanding and Polishing - Cast Iron Skillet Cookware: First thing, this isn't a hard project. However, if the stainless steel pan has an aluminum core, then the heat distribution is better than that of a carbon steel pan. They stopped performing that step at the factory level for whatever reason. Also the taste of cast iron lingered for days. Carbon steel pans hold heat better than stainless steel pots and pans. While I was happy with the overall results, I was concerned that the pan wasn't browning like I expected. I don't know, my old cast iron is much thinner, especially on the sides, than the newer pieces I have. It's how you'd recover a rusty skillet. I didn't see any weight information on their website. The bracket was designed to be held in place by my table vise. I'd be interested in knowing how reseasoning goes! Very worth it, but it took a fair bit of time to sand it down, even with an orbital sander because it was so rough. The as-cast finish sucked. It looks like carbon steel rather than cast iron, but is seasoned similarly to cast iron. Period. When I use soap, it is because all other efforts have failed. Depending how much surface you want to remove, the rough pads do the job quickly. The old collectible stuff has a smooth finish. I had little areas of my … After my first seasoning, this is what I had to work with. R7 eagle. I've worked with cast iron all my life, and all your before pictures look beautiful but the after images look like something that I would find in a garbage heap. Mine is just less rough. So, really, there's no way you can "ruin" a "valuable" pan by using your method. I'm seasoning it right now. Smooth it out with 600 then 1200 grit, then get fine steel wool and polish it up before you start seasoning it. I agree!Just because the factory/company doesn't, or even has never, doesn't make it right.Just because the factory/company says so, also doesn't make it right!The things I pay money for are only things I'm willing to go the rest of the distance for what I want.

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