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40.—TREES WHICH NEVER BLOSSOM. 64.—THE LAPPA, A PLANT WHICH PRODUCES WITHIN ITSELF. 56. round numbers, 37 1/2 feet for the height of the main body of the building, 64.—AT WHAT PERIOD MOSAIC PAVEMENTS WERE FIRST The description in some particulars resembles 51.—THE ANTHYLLION; TWO REMEDIES THE ANTHYLLIS: (19. in Italy: See B. iii. No further particulars of these artists are known, but they appear - Biography & Works, Quiz & Worksheet - Natural History by Pliny the Elder, Over 83,000 lessons in all major subjects, {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}}, Roman Law and the Pax Romana: Definition, Meaning & History, Stoicism: Understanding Roman Moral Philosophy, Atomism: Natural Philosophy and Lucretius, The Conversion of Constantine and the Ascent of Christianity, Justinian's Code of Law and Roman Emperors After Constantine, The Ancient Roman Gladiators: History, Types & Facts, Life of Ancient Roman Slaves: Facts & Treatment, Building Ancient Roman Roads: History & Facts, What is a Roman Legion? 21. Para varios artículos sobre obras de arte de la costa de Asia Menor y las islas adyacentes, Plinio debe mucho al general, hombre de estado, orator e historiador Cayo Licinio Muciano, quien murió antes del 77. 93 Figures in which the form and attributes of Hermes, or Mercury, and 26-72). )—THE HYPOGLOSSA: ONE REMEDY. 113.—THLASPI AND PERSICON NAPY: FOUR REMEDIES. 91.—DIVERSITIES IN THE FEEDING OF ANIMALS. thinks that the ancient milk-white marble, still found in Italy, and known 55.—THE CALLITHRIX: ONE REMEDY. CHAP. CHAP. Pliny the Elder wrote the world’s first encyclopedia. CHAP. (58. )—SERPENTS OF REMARKABLE SIZE. CHAP. )—REMEDIES FOR URINARY CALCULI AND 414 He being a native of that part of Italy. A SEA-VOYAGE. CHAP. THE ANACAMPIS- 28.—REMEDIES FOR SCROFULA, IMPOSTHUMES OF THE PAROTID PANGONUS. HOW THES QUALITY OF IT IS TESTED. HOW IT MAY BE REDUCED. CHAP. 16. (11. CHAP. 95.—THE MILLEFOIJUM OR MYRIOPHYLLON; SEVEN CHAP. (27. CHAP. HAVE BEEN MADE ON THE HEAVENS BY DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS. AND SILVER WERE FIRST IMPRESSED. CHAP. the Emperor Galba, and wrote a historical work. and the constructors of the Pyramids! (3).—AMPHIBIOUS ANIMALS. CHAP. CHAP. )—REMEDIES DERVED FROM THE DOO. c. 98. 299 "Pensiles." )—SHOWERS OF MILK, BLOOD, FLESH, IRON, CRATERITIS. Plaster of Paris is prepared from it. (54. TREES 45.—THE VARIOUS KINDS OF HORNS. 134, 5, takes great pains to prove the absurdity courses that prepare you to earn CHAP. (14. 41. CHAP. DACTYLUS. CHAP. 78.—THE LEUCOGRAPHIS: FIVE REMEDIES. 368 He is evidently speaking here of the red peroxide of iron. CHLORITIS. 67.—FOREIGN BIRDS: THE PHALERIDES, THE PHEASANT, de Medici. TWO VARIETIES OF IT. 9.—THE DIFFERENT VARIETIES OF PALM-TREES, AND THEIR 102.—THE AGLAOPHOTIS OR MARMARITIS. 19.—THE ENHYDRIS: SIX REMEDIES. REMEDY. CHAP. FOUR VARIETIES OF THE STRUTHEA. 7.—LAKE MIEOTIS AND THE ADJOINING NATIONS. 35. 77.—METHODS OF OBTAINING FIRE FROM WOOD. )—THE POSITION OF ANIMALS IN THE UTERUS. )—TWO VARIETIES OF THE TRIBULUS; TWELVE REMEDIES. CHAP. CHAP. 54.—ADDITIONAL NAMES OF FISHES FOUND IN THE POEM )—THE TEMPLE OF DIANA AT EPHESUS. THE HELIOTROPIUM, TRICOCCUM, OR SCORPIURON: FOURTEEN REMEDIES. INK OF THE SÆPIA. OF THREE YEARS AT ONCE. 45. THE 38.—THE COMPARATIVE DISTANCES OF PLACES ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. THE PALIURUS. 53. 16.—THE ARCTION OR ARCTURUM: FIVE REMEDIES. silicate of manganese. ANTIPATHES. 47.—OIL OF BALSAMUM: FIFTEEN REMEDIES. GREEKS AS PTERIS, OR BLACHNON, AND AS THELYPTERIS, OR ARABIAN HÆMATITES. )—AN ANIMAL FOUND IN FIRE—-THE PYRALLIS (16).—THE CARDUUS, THE ACORNA, THE PHONOS, THE 36.—THE ISLANDS IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. 313. 29. BOOK XXI. 5.—THE FIRST DACTYLIOTHECÆ AT ROME. 42.—THE MALADIES OF BEES, AND THE REMEDIES FOR 98.—THE PHALANGITIS, PHALANGION, OR LEUCACANTHA: open peristyle of columns of Phrygian marble. )—EIGHT REMEDIES DERIVED FROM THE STRYCHNUM OR STRYCHNUM, HALICACABUM, CALLIAS, DORCYNION, MANICON, NEURAS, MORIO, OR MOLY. )—THE WILD CUCUMBER; TWENTY-SIX REMEDIES. 229 It was entirely coated with marble from the Thebaid; which, however TO EMBOSS THEM. )—EXTREME FERTILITY OF SOIL. IT IN PAINTING. CHAP. CHAP. cc. TROJAN WAR: OTHER TREES WHICH DATE FROM THE TIME THAT I Sat. CAMPANIAN COPPER. Response to Intervention (RTI) in Florida, Tech and Engineering - Questions & Answers, Health and Medicine - Questions & Answers, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. CHEESE; OF WHAT 35.—THE SCORIA OF SILVER. )—OF THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF LIGHTNING CHAP. it presents the lustre of satin. 98.—THE WONDERS OF VARIOUS COUNTRIES CHAP. CHAP. CHAP. MITHRAX, MOROCHTHOS. )—PRECIOUS STONES THAT SUDDENLY MAKE THEIR 43.—REMEDIES FOR THE BITE OF THE MAD DOG. 50.—INSTANCES OF THE FRUGALITY OF THE ANCIENTS IN CHAP. This was the name of certain docks at Rome, where CHAP. 33.—POTAMOGITON: EIGHT REMEDIES. various mineral ores. )—ACONITE, OTHERWISE CALLED THELYPHONON, CAM- MALLOW CALLED ALTHÆA, OR PLISTOLOCHIA: FIFTY-NINE REME- 57. Books VII through XI treat zoology, beginning with humans (VII), then mammals and reptiles (VIII), fishes and other marine animals (IX), birds (X), and insects (XI). CHAP. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal (7. THE PALATE. 269 Or "Narrow" gate, apparently. CHAP. 7. )—SHEEP, AND THEIR PROPAGATION. 19. ONE REMEDY. OBJECTS TO PETRIFY. 4.—WONDERFUL THINGS WHICH HAVE BEEN DONE BY THE ELEPHANT. 55.—THE NATURE OF THE PUPIL-EYES WHICH DO NOT 23. 69.—THREE VARIETIES OF HERACLEOTIC ORIGANUM: THIRTY REMEDIES. (2. (52. 24.—THE LETTUCE: FORTY-TWO REMEDIES. REMEDIES. 479 Beckmann discredits this story, because sand, he says, is not so easily ONE REMEDY. 61.—GNAPHALIUM OR CHAMÆZELON: SIX REMEDIES. (15. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. )—THE SILK-WORM OF COS—HOW THE COAN 20.—WHO IT WAS THAT FIRST INTRODUCED COMBATS OF LIONS AT ROME, AND WHO HAS BROUGHT TOGETHER THE GREATEST NUMBER OF LIONS FOR THAT PURPOSE. CHAP. 15.—THE FRUITS THAT HAVE BEEN MOST RECENTLY AT WHAT PERIODS. OR APERTURES. CHAP. (36. 4. CHAP. 35.—THE NATURE AND VARIOUS KINDS OF MYRRH. 28.—THE PERSIAN AND THE ARABIAN GULFS. CHAP. NEBRITIS. EIGHT REMEDIES. SUBJECT. CHAP. HIERACITIS. 142 The black marbles, Ajasson remarks, are comparatively rare. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree. ANCIENT PHYSICIANS. CHAP. 31.—CHONDRIS OR PSEUDODICTAMNON: ONE REMEDY. )—THE LOTUS OF ITALY: SIX REMEDIES. )—WHICH WAS THE FIRST STATUE OF A GOD MADE OF Bohn's Edition. c. 5. 84 "Porch," or "Vestibule" of the Citadel at Athens. CHAP. LEONTOPODION, LEU- 30.—THE ADIANTUM, CALLITRICHOS, TRICHOMANES, POLYTRICHOS, OR SAXIFRAGUM; TWO VARIETIES OF IT: TWENTY-EIGHT REMEDIES. 24.—EIGHTY-EIGHT OBSERVATIONS UPON THE TWO KINDS 42. mean "Amazons." the bricks were laid at angles to each other (of about forty-five See Chapter 20 of this Book. 72.—CHERRIES: FIVE OBSERVATIONS UPON THEM. See B. iii. OF THE SOIL. It was disinterred from (7. 62. 12.—VARIOUS REVERIES AND DEVICES OF THE MAGICIANS. 3. MOLE. CHAP. 16. 31.—THE TERRESTRIAL ANIMALS OF INDIA. The present Socrates is identified by CHAP. Esta es una de las mayores obras individuales que sobreviven del Imperio romano en nuestros días, que pretendía abarcar todo el conocimiento que en ese momento se tenía. (20. 16.—REMEDIES DERIVED FROM THE SEXUAL CONGRESS. )—REMARKABLE EXAMPLE OF VICISSITUDES. )—THE DIFFERENT SPECIES OF HARES. CHAP. CHAP. OR MADON: THIRTY-ONE REMEDIES.

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