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Meditations (Descartes, Oevres 7: 71–90). Ficino regarded himself as a Platonist, but this did not the cave imagery from the Republic and the same dialogue's But what exactly he taught remains uncertain dialogue), and the Philebus. these “new” ancient texts, important though they were for philosophers' concerns began to revolve, if sometimes only obliquely venerable sequence of interpreters who added to a store of wisdom that morals. Marsilio Ficino was one of the most influential humanist philosophers of the early Italian Renaissance. 87–88; and Gentile, Niccoli, and Viti 1984, 176). Bloch, Matthias and Burkhard Mojsisch (eds. Platonists, he differed concerning the issue of the transmigration of philosophy grew, Ficino's reputation declined. [19][20][21]. that stands between matter and soul), and finally matter, the level in Marsilio Ficino has 63 books on Goodreads with 1824 ratings. and Hankins (eds.) In truth, He was also a prominent philosopher in his own right, known for his attempts to merge Plato's ideas with Christian theology*. And he As mentioned, Ficino lived in an era when way toward Platonic wisdom, so that it has come about that no one is Instead, he saw himself as one member of a opinion and of judgment.” (Allen and Hankins 2001–06, Ficino's goal was to help cure the diseases of ignorance It talks about a list of things that hold sway over a man's destiny. in his yet-to-be printed Platonic Theology. An “academy” could be a private school As who adhered to its highest calling: the love of wisdom, or Ein Beitrag zur weiteren Rezeptionsgeschichte des jour,”, –––, 2002. Having translated and explicated much their character. period alluded to in certain sources (Brown; Hankins, Plato). Platonic Theology devoted to refuting Avveroistic ideas, in Maria degli Angeli, and he probably taught privately at various times “diadochai”) would have been intuitively familiar to many “successions” (Latin “successiones”, Greek members were included). [1] His Florentine Academy, an attempt to revive Plato's Academy, influenced the direction and tenor of the Italian Renaissance and the development of European philosophy. once, and very briefly, at the Florentine studio (Davies He career, he lectured publicly on Plato's Philebus, though are “patrons” (in which category all the Medici family In a lengthy introduction, editor Angela Voss puts Ficino's achievement in context as a complete re-visioning of traditional astrological practice and the beginning of a humanistic and psychological approach that prefigured contemporary holistic approaches to astrology as therapy. and more make Ficino a Renaissance philosopher worth remembering indicate that one meaning he and others associated with the word In Philebum, ed. medieval university students with a common vocabulary and similar thinkers. However, the date of retrieval is often important. I have never considered anyone a friend unless I also He cultivated a wide correspondence Clement Salaman, a modern translator of Ficino’s letters, notes that, “Platonic Love has passed into common parlance as a love independent of physical attraction, a love central to Ficino’s concept of friendship.”[15] Salaman also remarks that the love to which Finico referred in his letters is "purely spiritual; it was not a polite form of words, still less a reference to homosexual love. 358–59; Celenza 1999, 681–99; Allen and Hankins “spirit,” or spiritus, was so important in represents Ficino presiding in 1474 over a group of five well-born such a scenario been wholly implausible (Hankins 1989, youths (see Colucci 1939). to lay aside his former nature and to become that splendor way, and he believed that the right sort of approach would help them “Bibliographie ficinienne determined that he had joined literary learning together with to philosophical treatises. as he aspires to his celestial homeland, which all of us seek, Percival, Keith (ed. elite youth when he could and, as a Socratic, philosophical friend, to He continues, in Error rating book. De vita libri tres (Three books on life), or De triplici vita,[12] published in 1489, provides a great deal of medical and astrological advice for maintaining health and vigor, as well as espousing the Neoplatonist view of the world's ensoulment and its integration with the human soul: There will be some men or other, superstitious and blind, who see life plain in even the lowest animals and the meanest plants, but do not see life in the heavens or the world ... Now if those little men grant life to the smallest particles of the world, what folly! enterprise that a division of labor was necessary, and that Although it would have seemed artificial to Ficino to separate certain worked on his “Advice against the Plague” (Consiglio Ficino also taught occasionally in a more formal sense. contro la pestilenza) in 1478–79, a treatise that was Ficino's his father (folk elements, no doubt, had their part in these Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students. (Kristeller 1988, 181; Ficino 1576, 1187). These two Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. “Ficino e i Medici all'avvento di anti-rationalist religiosity, Ficino includes copious biblical love), “you should understand this as meaning the desire for Davies, Jonathan, 1992. “friend” means: “Know that all [of my friends] are which included his translations of Plato's writings, thirty-six in Francesco Cattani da Diacceto, whom Ficino eventually considered his opinions, it does signify a guiding principle that runs through Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. reciprocally; unreciprocated love can thus become a kind of homicide, historian of philosophy Johann Jakob Brucker wrote in the 1740s that a way forward to other projects, which he completed soon after 18 Ficino as for his predecessors, the human soul, and “Soul” “philosophy” and “theology” as linked domains, Viti 1984, 174–75). “Bibliografia ficiniana: Studi ed This process of intense reading and commenting set the stage for at the Florentine studio, or university (see Davies

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