magical hat's turbo flight! adventure

Here's SuperPhillip Central's review. It's up to Chuck D. Head to travel to each island, beat the boss of each, bring the skeletal series of islands back together, and beat down Max D. Cap back into the underworld where he belongs. A macabre platformer that doesn't push that far a-head of its contemporaries. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. It was a thrill (in more ways than one) returning to the macabre world of Decap Attack and once more taking control of Chuck D. Head in his adventure to save the world, defeat Max D. Cap and yes, get the surprise ending of him becoming human as reward for his good deeds. Need some more horror? You're forced to collect a hidden, special artifact found somewhere in that level. Meanwhile, platforming in Decap Attack is responsive, and while it's not necessarily the tightest around, making precision jumps on platforms is helped by Chuck's ability to slow his descent. You jump from island to island, defeating the bosses and bringing them back together. The third level of each island concludes with a boss battle of some sort. You can't just keep Chuck's face out, though, and there's a delay in it retracting back in. In order to bring the game to the west, a wholly unique, slightly macabre theme was given to the game. with some Chuck D. Head Designs. There are no checkpoints in levels either, and while I said levels aren't lengthy, they are rather difficult with pesky enemies thwarting your progress every step of the way. Magical Hat’s Turbo Flight! It's not just enough to beat the boss of an island and get the third level's goal. Find out Halloween episodes here. The Magical Hat game took a lot of the same elements from Kid Kool and Psycho Fox and brought them into a 16-bit game. Such goods include health, potions that when used bestow temporary effects to Chuck, and coins, which are used at the end of each world to participate in a bonus game for extra lives and items alike. Adventure launched in Japan in 1990 and was based on the anime series Magical Hat. If you're feeling hyper-generous, you can donate to the LOCR. Which is great, because Decap Attack is already a hard game. The 1990 Mega Drive game Magical Hat's Turbo Flight! DecapAttack is a reskinned, reworked version of a Vic Tokai game based off a Japanese anime called Magical Hat. Released to the rest of the world as Magical Hat’s Turbo Flight! Adventure in Japan, the game was reworked for Western audiences with a broader horror theme. It's a heaven sent maneuver to have due to the fact that without it, Decap Attack would be a much harder--and much more frustrating--game. For offense, he can jump on normal enemies multiple times to bury them into the ground, utterly defeating them. There is a powerup that Chuck can discover in levels that places a skeleton head on top of his body that serves a function similar to a boomerang. Not only that, but we have our first Retro Review in quite a while, too. Every video you watch or share supports us, and that's amazing dude(tte)s, thanks. No, that's not good enough in Decap Attack to clear an island completely. Regardless of that lone midgame world, when it concerns the character sprites, they look absolutely fantastic. Levels aren't too lengthy in the game, but exploration is encouraged. Daibōken) for the Sega Mega Drive is based on this series and only released in Japan. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (NSW) "Untold Chr... Pikmin 3 Deluxe (NSW) "Meet the Pikmin" Trailer. Due to the game's developer failing to secure the Magical Hat license outside Japan, it … If you failed to pick it up and reach the goal, you're told to go back through the level to find it. This means their contents don't reset either, making it so if you pillaged all of the health pickups in a level and die, you have to play through the level from the beginning with no means to heal yourself. There are 21 levels in Decap Attack, spread out among seven worlds. One of the things I don't particularly care for in Decap Attack is that when you die, the stone idols that you break don't reset. While there isn't too much here that pushes the platforming genre forward--and it would otherwise be lost in a sea of similar platformers without its unique atmosphere and vibe--Decap Attack remains a solid 2D platformer right down to its bones. The original Magical Hat's Turbo Flight! It by no means reaches the level of something like Contra or something hard because of poor design like various "NES Hard" games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it will give you a run for your mummy--er--that is to say, a run for your money.

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