how to make a dagger out of cardboard

% of people told us that this article helped them. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. If you plan on hanging it up for decoration, then don't worry about it. To make the cross guard which protects your hand, draw a rectangle on your cardboard 6cm wide and 10cm long. I have a youtube channel with over 750 Project Videos! If you don’t have hempseed oil, you can use linseed oil, walnut oil, or Danish oil. Use a knife and sandpaper to clean up the rough edges all the way around the knife. How to Make a Combat Knife Out of Cardboard: Hi guys I will show you how to make a cardboard military combat knife. This is my first instructable so if I make any mistakes please let me know in the comments below the comments below and thank you. Try not to file in 1 spot for too long or you may create a divot or low spot. or would like to So this my first instructable and I really like swords and sorcery type games so here is how to make a card board dagger/swoard. Click here to donate $1 - Every little bit helps Will to keep making great tutorials and templates. Place those pieces on foam board or cardboard and trace two of each. Make Your Cross Guard. You can use standard sandpaper or an electric sander to make the job easier. Here is an example of a steel one available on amazon. I will email you a certificate of completion from You can print it up and hang it on the wall. Here is a tutorial on how to make a sword out of cardboard. Participated in the Halloween Props Contest 2015. Do I need to drill holes for handle before heat treatment? And it is reputed to have special and mystical powers. Or a hot glue gun, Paints, To whatever color you like. The project is relatively difficult and requires working knowledge of specialized power tools, but if you take your time, and do it safely, you can make your very own dagger. Then cut them out. And add any details that you like. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. This X-ACTO knife cuts through a wide variety of materials including paper, plastic, balsa wood, and thin metal. A better and cheaper alternative is regular grill charcoal. Use a really sharp blade and make three passes. Wear safety glasses and a face mask when you’re cutting metal to avoid the dust. Align each dagger, and use paper glue to glue them together. Be safe with these and wear safety glasses please. Trace your template onto one side of the box using your permanent marker. An easy-change blade system lets you swap blades quickly to meet the needs of any project, and the included safety cap offers easy portability. Will's Tip on Cutting Foam board: Don't try to cut all the way through it in one swipe. This will be your template. Would you consider a donation of $1 to support my work? X-ACTO #1 Knife, Z Series With Safety Cap. If so, will a normal wood fire be hot enough? 5. 4. Make precise, fine cuts every time with the X-ACTO #1 Z-Series Knife with Safety Cap. Thanks! And I give you the template. Then go ahead and cut all those pieces out. Last Updated: July 8, 2020 I am not sure about that but they do have quite a unique look. Make sure to smooth out each layer so you don't get wrinkles. It is a knife that comes out of Java and Indonesia. Make sure you have plenty of room around the clamp so you’re able to move around the dagger. Finally you glue the finishing details to the handle. Daggers are usually between 9–14 inches (23–36 cm) long. Paypal makes it very easy and safe. This tutorial also includes a video. You can even make a dagger out of book pages. And on it there are two blades and two handles. Daggers can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and you can actually make one yourself if you have the right tools and material. Thanks for visiting my website! Tap both sides of the pins to flatten them so they’re flush with the wood of the handle.

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