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The Boxxer 318HP is a dedicated hard surface cleaning and pressure washing truck mounted extractor designed specifically to provide heated water at pressures up to 1500 psi, yet affordable enough to start your business or add to your carpet cleaning fleet. When other truck mounts start dumping water after several minutes of inactivity, the Titan 575 can go up to 40 minutes without dumping from the fresh water tank. extremely versatile and can be used for industrial, commercial, and also residential carpet cleaning. Prochem pioneered the development of engine powered truck mounted extraction carpet cleaning machines over 50 years ago. Built with the best of Prochem and Sapphire Scientific innovative engineering, the new Everest 870HP delivers all the competition-busting heat and power you need for 1-, 2-, and even 3-wand cleaning, fast extraction of flood jobs, and hot water high-pressure cleaning! The Prochem Legend GT truck mount delivers powerful, reliable performance for all types of professional carpet cleaning applications, from residential to commercial. Did you find what you were looking for? However, it is highly recommended that you get the installation of the powerful truck mount carpet cleaner done professionally to avoid damage to the machine. Excess moisture, noise and contaminants are eliminated from the cleaning environment, making “truck mounted” carpet cleaning the fastest growing and most talked about cleaning method in the industry today. The machine performs deeper and more efficient cleaning and works much faster than most carpet cleaning systems. It is important to know how to use a truck mount carpet cleaner before you begin your carpet cleaning operations. However, not all machines available on the market are the same in terms of performance, durability, and costs. The innovatively-engineered, professional carpet cleaning equipment offers the unbeatable combination of heat and enhanced cleaning power that can effortlessly tackle the toughest of grime, dirt, deposits, and muck accumulations from the deepest layers of carpets. Open 8AM … This dual wand workhorse truck mount delivers must have performance in the most challenging environments. Prochem truck mounts are intended for professional and industrial use only. It removes large quantities of water and is 75% easier to operate than a traditional truck mount. Yes, We are not Salesmen Sitting in a Office pretending to know what we are talking about on a Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine we have never used. Prochem pioneered the development of engine powered truck mounted extraction carpet cleaning machines over 50 years ago. The Masterblend El Diablo truckmount is powered by a Kohler 27 HP V-Twin engine. What could we improve to earn your business? It is easy to operate and maintain while providing Great Heat and Performance especially when I need it on those Commercial Jobs. More intuitive and easier to use panel directions and graphics make it easier to train new technicians and easier to maintain. The system includes a self contained machine driven off its own engine and offers significantly more cleaning power than conventional carpet cleaning machines. When you buy truck mounted carpet cleaners, make sure you do a thorough study of the various functions and features offered by the system. Hard Surface & Floor Maintenance Products, Floor Pro Carpet & Floor Rotary Maintenance Machines, LW Pro Upright Hi-tec Floor Washer Driers, Gaskets, seals, drive belts, screws, washers & fittings.

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