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Can't beat it. Sunlight blade does a good job of explainng it in this video. It also means that any shield with 65 Stability will now have infinite (100) stability. Any help with data gathering is greatly appreciated! If you want to go for a 50/50 ofensive/defensive probably a good shield that allow to use the weapon art is a better choice (black knight shield and silver eagle) or maybe the stone parma. You may need to click "File - Make a copy" to create your own version of the file for this to work. Press J to jump to the feed. A mossy stone disc. The best resource for weapons would be /u/naiyt's Mugenmonkey - "Dark Souls 3 Weapon AR Calculator". Good stuff man, thanks for putting all the work in. I use the Black Iron Greatshield on multiple characters and I have to mention that there's absolutely no good reason to upgrade it to +10. Warrior's Round Shield - The lightest Weapon Art Shield (1.5). No turtling, as that is very easily punished and just begging to get guardbroken :). No problem! A medium shield with great stats and soul bonus? Great for sword & Board. From what I can tell, the lighter greatshields don't provide enough stability or defense for their weight and the ones that do are impossible to use properly unless you have godlike strength and vitality. None of this would have been possible without the fantastic help of /u/itztaytay, who did the VAST majority of the data gathering :D. The Soulsplanner website now has some great resources for shields: Character planner - with accurate % block and stability for every shield with every infusion, Weapon Defense Calculator - with all the data you could ever want to compare every shield and infusion all in one place. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It's also surprisingly light at 5.5 units (black knight shield weighs 7.5 for you min-maxers). Porcine shield, it's the only shield you need. Perfect for parry 1-shot Str builds. 5 Best Shields In Dark Souls 3 Stone Greatshield. Can confirm. Hi guys, I was wondering what you all think the best shield is, in terms of stability and damage reduction to weight ratio. I've been toying with the idea of using a greatshield since I've never used one, but I'm not sure about adding that much extra weight, because I don't want to fat roll. So you can spam both with abandon (not recommended). They can really help against casters, Washing pole Running attacks, crossbows, Gotthard Rolling L1s, etc. Plus they give you some more options in PVP... if used correctly. It removes the stamina penalty for a partial parry and shield poke attacks. But you gotta give up that pump-a-rum to get it. A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. After 300 hours It occurred to me I hadn't upgraded a single shield. It's kinda funny actually, I never upgrade my shields, so when I read this I remembered "Oh yeah, shield upgrading is a thing"! First tab is uninfused shields. Allows you to pair your 1-handed moveset with Weapon Arts. I aim to keep this updated with any shields that are released in the upcoming DLC. What effect does Great Magic Shield have? You can't tale those 7% dmg here abd there, but not fight with the guard up. Honestly, fully upgrading any shield isn't worth wasting a slab. If you wanna use weapon arts, Wolf knight greatshield is the best, followed by black knight shield if you want something lighter. Second tab is for Infused Shields, which is still a work in progress. Some great info in the comments too. Dragon Crest shield is very good too, and it does'nt weight much. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Huh, didn't realize the wooden shield had decent stability. The best resource for optimising armour would be on the Mugenmonkey site again. That depends on what you are looking for in a shield. Great work, saved! Perfect for parry 1-shot Str builds. Infuse simple for more FP for your WA. I've been using a blessed Wargod Wooden Shield for most of the game because it has good stability for its Strength requirement, and its defenses don't suffer as much as the the only low-Str shield that beat its stability. If you want to turtle, use either a greatshield or the black knight shield. Though terribly heavy, it can serve as a shield. It upgrades with titanite scales, however, which are pretty rare early-mid game. Then click the "Armour Optimiser" Button down in the bottom left. Are there things like this but with the other weapons/armors in the game? It doesn't gain any stability or block% going from +9 to +10, only damage, and that's not worth spending a Slab on. These are the only things that can damage you: Good opponents will dodge & wait out the spell. Lothric knight shield is the best shield with parry. Small Leather Shield Special Parry shield with no Dex requirement. However, the Ethereal Oak Shield introduced in AoA has 100% physical block, though it weights a little more and has less stability. Havel’s Greatshield is arguably the best shield in the game, but it’s also the heaviest single-slot item as well, and will wear your character down very easily. Just put your stats into the Dark Souls3 Character Planner. Wolf Knight Greatshield - Highest Stability (71) weapon Art Shield. For full turtle mode, greatshield of glory has the highest stability and very high resistances iirc. Guardbreak weapon arts, Kicks, Fully Charged Greathammer attacks, all boss's strongest attacks, all damaging spells, all do nothing. Lothric Knight Shield - highest stability (66) of parrying shields, blocks 100% phys. Shield of Want, has 100% physical and above-average resistances across the board, second-highest stability among medium shields (62@+5), and very good for fashion souls. If you wanna use weapon arts, Wolf knight greatshield is the best, followed by black knight shield if you want something lighter. Grass Crest. That Stamina buff may not seem like much, but I can't count how often being able to roll that one more time has saved my sorry ass. Lothric knight shield is the best shield with parry. This makes me sad, because in DS1, Artorias' Greatshield had 88 fucking stability, 100% status effect block and only weighed 16.0 units. You can sort and filter all the above headings. ____^. Edit: Yhorms gets a poise buff if you're using hyperarmour a lot. This basically means any shield can block 100% of all damage of all types (fire, lightning, dark, magic, physical). Just keep an eye on stamina, watch out for guardbreaks, mix in rolls and counter attacks. Here is a post on all the shields: +10 shields looking for some information, It has a Spreadsheet listing all the stats (stability, parry/WA/bash, weight, stats required, etc) for every shield at +10. You are in luck, I have just such a post that covers that exact question, among others: Though, to answer your question directly: Ethereal Oak Shield = 2 hp/s, Regardless of upgrade, Ancient Dragon Greatshield = 2 hp/s, Regardless of upgrade. Meaning that you can't be guardbroken or attacked normally for the duration of the spell. Armour doesn't upgrade. He does make a small mistake saying that it adds 45 stability instead of 35. 19 Shields have 65+ Stability, Pair with Great Magic Shield . This list will mainly help in picking which shields are worth upgrading at all for your build :). (This might be true to other shields as well, but I'm only familiar with the BIGS.). Then you could sort by "only shields that require 14 Str or less, and have 100% block" for example.

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