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with questions like, “Are we going to have robot teachers?” “Will people marry Lee goes on to explain that the ultimate goal of Chinese companies is to make money, and they’re willing to create any product, adopt any model, or go into any business that will accomplish that objective. In 2013, Oxford University conducted a study that found that AI could eliminate up to 47 percent of jobs. AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order. Every New Year’s Day, there’s a tradition of sending loved ones a red envelope with money inside. In the meantime, Meituan is worth $30 billion, ahead of Airbnb and Space X, making it the fourth most valuable startup in the world. Until recently, if people were talking about artificial intelligence (AI), it was likely in the context of science-fiction movies. person ever to set foot on the moon. they can boss us around?” and even, “If robots do everything, then what are we This is because the reports didn’t take into consideration ground-up displacement, which will come from businesses like Smart Finance and Toutiao, which don’t employ any loan officers or editors. Silicon Valley businesses stay in bits and binaries offloading the brick and mortar to external vendors vendors while Chinese businesses extend their business model into the brick and mortar (online to offline), Silicon valley prefers one size fit all strategy, Chinese businesses utilized localized solutions often investing/acquiring in local startups, Americans treat search engines like Yellow Pages (come and leave fast) while Chinese treat search engines like shopping mall (come to linger around long), Silicon Valley is adversed to copying preferring to be unique Chinese business copy the heck out of each other, Abundant data – quality and quantity aided by their online to offline initiatives, AI friendly policy environment – strong emphasis by Chinese government, Hardware manufacturing know how – Shen Zhen, unparalleled supply chain flexibility – XiaoMi, Darwinian eco-system has lead to extreme levels of competition, Chinese companies have already moved past the stage of clone Silicon Valley business models. trickled into the minds of children as young as five-years-old. He optimized it Chinese-friendly with densely-packed page designs. March 2016 when champion Go player, Lee Sedol, attempted to beat one of the Implementation is what China has always done better than the rest of the world. However, economists’ opinions on this topic His journey through chemotherapy made him realize the relationship between AI and humans. an essential ingredient to building strategic moats, Chinese government information systems will be able to leap frog US government information systems. Unfortunately, progress was hindered until the dawn Smart Finance. For instance, Wang Xing was a notorious copycat of Silicon Valley What neural network-based AI really needed was loads of data to analyze and faster computing power, which finally arrived in the mid-2000s. of unlimited access! When a business has a light touch, it does one thing and leaves a lot of the particulars surrounding that service for others to deal with. Within a decade, China will overtake the United States as a global leader in artificial intelligence forcing smaller countries to align behind. For FREE. While This scenario, however, is far from reality and is Artificial Intelligence continues to apply itself in all aspects of our everyday lives. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), only 9 percent of US jobs were at risk due to automation. Imagine grabbing a grocery cart that scans your face, recognizes you and brings up your shopping list. Before 2013, Lee was what he called a “workaholic,” defining his success by what he put into his work and putting his work ahead of his family. In fact, the Chinese government is very proactive for handling AI-friendly policies and regulations, so it will be easier to implement this technology on a wide scale. instance, allows people to send payments to their favorite online content products on Amazon, then you’ve been targeted by a recommendation engine. This phenomenon of mobile In early 2010, Chinese websites copying Groupon’s group-discount model were popping up everywhere. This mentality helps to explain the ‘copycat’ attitude that Chinese companies have had historically. artificial intelligence sought to “recreate human intelligence into a machine.” For instance, with a larger population, doctors in China are becoming overwhelmed and turning to AI to help them make more accurate diagnoses while overwhelmed judges are searching for ways to pass down fair sentences. innovative; however, they tend to have a “light touch” when it comes to When visiting a Beijing kindergarten, Lee was bombarded with questions like, “Are we going to have robot teachers?” “Will people marry robots and have babies with them?” “Are computers going to become so smart that they can boss us around?” and even, “If robots do everything, then what are we going to do?” These questions echoed the many questions that most people have about the future of artificial intelligence. This is largely in part due to Already, China is building a highway and an entire city the size of Chicago especially designed for AI vehicles. Summary of the founder of Apple : Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson. to try. WeChat allowed users to do this electronically, with no transaction fees, and it was such a success that upon launch, five million people linked their bank accounts to WeChat and sent 16 million electronic red envelopes.

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